Wrapping up winter break

As Cornell’s month-long winter break is gradually coming to a close, I’m definitely feeling bittersweet about the whole thing. It’ll certainly be nice going back, seeing people, and starting a fresh round of classes that interest me…but it’s definitely going to be an adjustment again, having to wake up early and all (not to mention the whole “studying” thing).

As of last week, it’s been confirmed that I’ll be getting a room switch next semester for a couple of reasons. Will it be hard leaving the comfort of one building where I already know everybody to go move to a hall where everyone’s been acquainted with each other for a semester? Heck yeah. But it is a single, and it is in the newest building (often called “Court Resort” because it’s so nice), so there’re some positive things to look forward to.

Air conditioning in the spring...woohoo!

Court-Kay-Bauer, which has air conditioning in the spring...woohoo!

Here are a random pictoral sampling of the things that I will miss when I go back to college:

  • Moe’s. If you’ve never had a Joey burrito, you simply have not lived. (Okay, Chipotle is an acceptable substitute.)


  • Pepper, my nine year old black lab. He’s getting up there in age, and it’s sad coming back every couple of months and seeing the results of his aging.


  • Television! Granted, I’m not a TV addict (I didn’t even shed a tear during the last episode of 24, or when Rachel and Ross ended up together during the Friends finale), but I definitely miss having cable at school. If anything, I’m going to miss falling asleep to late night TV shows like…

4ccb71b4e79c2-conan-nocturnal-500Now, ladies and gentlemen, I present…


  • Walking Pepper outside in sub-zero temperatures.
  • The amount of planning you have to do to arrange something with a group of friends at home. You have to find an open house, arrange rides, see who’s free, etc. whereas in college you can just walk down the hall to do the same thing.
  • Making food (or waiting to have food made, thanks mom!)–at home, I have to plan my meals ahead and worry about cooking (reheating) stuff. In college, I’m a 5 minute walk and a meal swipe away from all the food I want.
  • Shoveling! Luckily, the kind people at Cornell clear off all the paths for us.

Have a great weekend!

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