Responding to Student Comments

Well, I figure I might as well take the time to respond to comments, suggestions, and questions that prospective students have asked me about Cornell.

Let’s begin, shall we?

Hi david,
I am considering applying to either of Dartmouth or cornell. My academics isn’t too strong, but it is good, so I am quite confused what would be right to me. You must be very busy with the fresh college stuff, but if you can tell me why I should go for cornell, it would be quite a lot of help.

Dartmouth and Cornell are both top tier institutions, and people regularly choose between both of them all the time. Ultimately, it comes down to preference–would you prefer a small school environment, where you would have smaller classes and close contact with faculty in an intimate setting…or would you prefer the dynamic resources and diversity that comes with a large research university?

I don’t  really want to tell you why you should “go for Cornell,” because to be honest–Cornell isn’t for a lot of people. It’s definitely a competitive environment and the size could be intimidating; I highly suggest you come and visit both schools. The difference in environments is big enough that you should be able to figure out which one you prefer. I can tell you, though, that many people–including myself–were initially attracted to Cornell by its’ natural setting, diverse curriculum (I personally can’t wait to take a hotel administration class or two), and fabulous reputation for academics. Oh, and the fact that Ithaca was recently ranked the number one college town definitely helps.

Good luck!

Alright, comment numero 2:

I enjoyed your blog. I am very interested in Cornell and understand that interviews with alumni are possible. How do I go about scheduling one? I live in Michigan. I visited Cornell over the summer, but would not be able to make another trip back there before applications are due.

Hey, thanks for reading.

I don’t trust myself enough to answer your question alone, so I’ll let the Cornell website take it away:

“Most students who apply for freshman admission will be contacted by a member of a local Cornell alumni committee in the fall or winter. These informal conversations with alumni are not required and are meant only to allow an additional opportunity for the student to learn more about Cornell—and for Cornell to learn more about the student.”

So, my friend, I don’t believe you have to do anything…just wait to be contacted. If you’re not in touch with someone a good while into the admissions process, then maybe give the admissions office a call.

Aaand number 3:

Can you please post more photos from Ithaca? I am thinking of where I could study college.. do you think it’s a great school?

Hi there. I do think it’s a great school with an infinite number of opportunities. As I said to the first commenter, it’s not a “one size fits all” kind of place–you definitely have to want to be at a big school. As long as you’re aware that you’re going to have to sometimes push to the front to get what you want and realize you won’t be coddled academically or socially, your options during and after college are limitless.

As far as photos of Ithaca go, ask and you shall receive. I like this one:

ithaca.jpg (1026×762)

Wait…you weren’t talking about the city in Greece that Odysseus was trying to return to in The Odyssey? Are you saying that there’s another Ithaca?

No, just kidding. Here are some I’ve taken during visits before I came:

ApertureAperture-3Aperture-5Aperture-4Aperture-6I have lots more, but I’ll try to insert them into other posts so they’re not congesting the page too much. Thanks for all the questions!

2 thoughts on “Responding to Student Comments

  1. Michael Maushak

    A delightful college! Attended back in mid 80’s. The thing is here on the west coast, where I have lived for the last 15 yr, I miss the intense fall season back there.
    I enjoy the uncluttered look of the site. The pictures set a very nice tone.

  2. Chloe

    Hi, I’m trying to transfer in next fall as a sophomore and I was wondering if you could describe your general workload? As well as the campus atmosphere. In terms of sororities and fraternities, and how prevalent they are on campus. What is your view on Greek life? Would it help a transfer to settle in socially more? What is the general feel of the student body? Political views, religious views, ethnicities and socioeconomic statuses. Thank you!

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