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Professor Mildred Warner Featured on SLATE Podcast

Professor Mildred Warner is featured in the SLATE magazine podcast What Next: TBD. In the podcast’s episode, “Cities Are Running Out of Money,” Henry Grobart of SLATE invited Warner to share her insight on city and local fiscal budgets and responses during economic recessions. This episode discussed the United State’s policies in addressing past economic downturns, including the Great Depression, and what the country should do in response to the current recession imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic

“The dire condition of state and local budgets is one of the most difficult headwinds the U.S. economy faces on the road to recovery…and we’re on the verge of making the same mistake again,” Warner shared.

The podcast also features guests representing the city of Houston’s local government and small businesses discussing the implications COVID-19 had on the city’s response to the pandemic, as sales and property tax revenues are plummeting.

Other episodes of the What’s Next: TBD podcast can be listened to on the SLATE website.


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