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Patric Hollenstein, Liisa North, and Mildred Warner: Listening to Local Voices: Using Collaborative Ethnography to Understand the Links between Community Well-Being, Public Services, and Family Strategies in Ecuador

Rural road
Tungurahua, Ecuador

Date and location: October 4, 12:20 p.m. in Abby and Howard Milstein Auditorium, Milstein Hall

Glenn H. Beyer Memorial Lecture

Patric Hollenstein has a master’s degree in political studies (FLACSO Ecuador). He is professor at the Central University of Ecuador. His work specializes in markets, agrifood networks and chains, fair trade, popular and solidarity economies, and rural territories. He is writing his doctoral thesis on the transformation of public food markets in Ecuador.

Liisa L. North is professor emerita from York University in Toronto and FLACSO in Ecuador. She has written 12 books and more than 60 articles and chapters on rural development, agrarian reform, political economics and public policy in Andean countries. Her most recent book is Dominant Elites in Latin America: From Neo-liberalism to the “Pink Tide” (Palgrave MacMillan, 2018).

Mildred Warner is professor of city and regional planning at Cornell University. She served with the Peace Corps in Tungurahua, Ecuador, in 1979 and has maintained connections with the region since that time. Her research focuses on public services and community development. She authored more than 100 journal articles and several edited volumes.


The province of Tungurahua, Ecuador is one of very few places in Latin America that has achieved economic growth and reductions in inequality at the same time. Investments in infrastructure, and connecting rural and urban through roads, markets, and education has built an integrated region. This has made real the politics of buen vivir in the lived experience of rural people in place —the buen lugar. We use the power of narrative to build situated knowledge to enhance scholarly understanding of this rural transformation, and we promote knowledge equity by engaging local voices. By lifting up individual experience we can articulate the particularity of the local within larger forces.

Liisa North, Patric Hollenstein, and Mildred Warner will present the context and the oral histories of rural residents featured in their recent book, Un Buen Lugar en Tungurahua: Estrategias Familiares de un Pueblo Rural, (FLACSO Ecuador, 2018).

Cosponsored by the Latin American Studies Program and the Einaudi Center

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