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What are Computerized Maintenance Management Systems?

Also known as computerized maintenance management information system or CMMIS, computerized maintenance management system or CMMS is a form of software which is calibrated towards maintaining a computer database which stores a company’s information regarding its maintenance operations

CMMS stores information which allows for maintenance workers to carry out their work more efficiently, such as in the case of selecting a machine for the storeroom maintenance efforts regarding which spare parts would be needed for the job at hand.

Making an Informed Decision

CMMS systems ultimately aid in the correct and appropriate carrying out of informed decisions. CMMS systems allow workers to know which machines are in need of maintenance, and where they can find the spare parts and equipment needed.

Such a process needs to be supplied with essential information regarding how much it would cost to replace a machine, and how much preventive measures would cost to be implemented. This permits the more rational and resourceful allocation of company capital towards the most in need components of company assets. Regulatory compliance is also a process that can gain a lot from CMMS data.

An organization that will perform regular maintenance on its property, equipment, assets will generally have some kind of CMMS package installed. There are CMMS products that will hone in on a specific industry sector, such as the fleets of vehicles used in a public transportation system, or the machinery in a hospital.

A Customizable Approach

You will find that the spectrum of accuracy in terms of application and database calibrations ranges from quite generalized, to completely specific with CMMS packages. They will continually produce status reports and files which will provide summaries and details on activities to do with maintenance.

Obviously the more specialized your CMMS package is, the more space for analyses facilitation will be accommodated. There are plenty of CMMS packages that are web-based, which means that they will be hosted by a company that sells such a package within an outside server, or based in a LAN, which means that the company that happens to purchase such a software can host this product on their own personal server.

CMMS in Universities

Now that you know what a CMMS system is for, you can imagine just how such software could make a massive difference to the running and maintenance of a university campus and all of its affiliated grounds and facilities.

Universities are undoubtedly some of the most complex and advanced systems in modern society, and with the advancement of tertiary educational technology comes added maintenance needs and costs.

Universities and their financial managers will always be searching for ways to maintain their stratified budgets in the most convenient ways, and will always distribute sectors requiring maintenance or upgrades in a hierarchical list of importance.

Implementing a university-relevant CMMS system can take a massive load off many staff members’ shoulders, and will indefinitely improve the quality and efficiency of all campus-based operations indefinitely, improving the quality of education standards.

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