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5 must-have technologies for your car

Here are five gadgets that will make your time on the road that much easier!

Reverse Camera

Reverse cameras are such a useful tool; most new models come with them built in as a standard feature. But for those of us driving older vehicles, installing a reverse camera is a great way to update our vehicle with newer safety features. A reverse camera can help you avoid any road collisions, having one installed reduces your blind spot zone by 90%. The technology is so successful at preventing accidents; reverse cameras will become required for all cars on the road in the USA in May of 2018.

Mini Jump Starter

A dead battery is a surefire way to ruin whatever plans you had for the day. While a neighbor and some jumper cables can be a quick fix, a mini jump starter will solve the same problem just as fast, and it’s small enough to store in your glove box or bag. Some models even come with the bonus of providing an additional battery source for your phone to draw on!


Also known as a car camera recorder, a dash cam is a perfect way to protect yourself from liability in the event of an accident that isn’t your fault. In fact, installing a dashcam can even help lower your insurance premium. Most dashcams will record several hours of footage and save it to a removable storage device, like a microSD card.

Heads up Display

While your smartphone and a dash-mounted holder can provide you with a relatively safe and accessible way to turn your phone into a sat nav for you, it will still require you taking your eyes off the road. A heads up display solves this problem, by sitting right behind your steering wheel, allowing you to keep the road in your field of vision whenever you need to glance at the map.

Key tracker

Key trackers or key finders are exactly what they sound like, a quick way for you to find your keys when they’re misplaced. Most key trackers work using Bluetooth. Attach the key tracker to your car keys; install the app on your phone. Once you sync the two, you’ll never have to worry about losing your keys again.

Whenever you’re considering making a purchase, it’s best to do your research first. Make sure the product suits your lifestyle and budget. Websites such as Best Advisor are an easy way to compare products and access customer reviews to help you make the right choice for your needs.

man connecting phone with auto play to the car media system
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