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5 Must-have Home Entertainment Tech Appliances

[Disclaimer: This is an uncensored and unedited article submitted by a student at Cornell University. We have experienced recent cases of students publishing articles on Cornell Techies that contain subtle advertisements, spam and offensive content. In those cases, we removed the articles promptly thanks to whistleblowing from our blog subscribers. If you believe this article contains any subtle advertisements, spam or offensive content, please report it immediately for us to review. Thank you.]

If you are the type of person who would prefer to avoid the beer-spilling, loud screaming, sweaty dancing, kind of concert crowd; then this list is perfect for you. Jam out to your favorite artists in the comfort of your own home, whilst dressed in your comfy pajamas.

Stereo Receivers

High quality sound can be achieved by using stereo receivers. Receivers can be used to adjust room acoustic correction, bass management and surround stimulation. Easy to connect, bluetooth receiver for stereo can wirelessly stream music from a variety of devices such as smartphones, tablets or PCs. High-tech receivers have additional features such as a USB port to charge other gadgets and energy-saving aspects that changes power consumption in real time.

Speaker System

Since the receiver processes audio and video signals and then sends them modified to output devices (speakers); determining what kind of stereo receiver you will choose to have, will also determine what kind of speaker system will be beside it. Pay attention to your speaker’s compatibility to the power of your stereo receiver – don’t mess up your equipment before you have the chance to use it.

Digital-to-analog converter

Digital music must be converted into analog signals before you can hear it through speakers or headphones. For casual listening, the DAC program inside your devices will be enough. However, for more amplified sound, utilize an external DAC that has a higher technology built in it. The best DACs should have good audio quality for their money and a good listening experience through headphones.

Wireless Headphones

If you have a roommate who sleeps early and is not prone to loud noises, wireless headphones are your best bet. While soundproofing a room is difficult and expensive, you can enjoy your home entertainment system without bothering anyone else. You can even moonwalk to the kitchen to grab your snack because it enables you to listen to the music from a distance.

Smart-Vending Machine

A dorm-sized refrigerator and table that is controlled by your iPhone, can launch the beer of your choice into your hands. The mini fridge can hold four types of beer, utilizes a webcam for aiming, uses a micro controller to connect to an iPhone app and maximizes compressed air to fire the beer can across the room.

You are now one step closer to dancing around your living room with your favorite music blasting. I recommend heading over to a site Best Advisor to compare reviews and settle for the product you think is best for your budget and the size of your living space.

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