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NPV Analyses

Net Present Value (NPV) Analyses of utilizing a single maple tree for immediate or long term timber production vs. leasing for syrup production.

A Microsoft Excel spreadsheet has recently been developed that allows users to determine the economic impact of managing an individual maple for sawtimber production or leasing it for syrup production.Please read the Users Guide before using the NPV calculator.  It explains all of the variables that are used in the analysis, including the possible ranges and default values for each variable. 

In order to see how the spreadsheet calculates the Net Present Values based on the variables, please read through the Formula Guide.

Click here for a description of how the biologic and economic variables for a particular situation affect whether it is more profitable to manage a maple tree for sawtimber production or lease it for syrup production.

The most useful component of this website is the Net Present Value calculator.  This allows users to input data specific to their situations for all of the variables that affect the NPV of an individual maple tree.  In order to utilize this tool, you must first register with Cornell Cooperative Extension, by clicking here. The information you provide will remain private and will only be used to collect feedback on how this tool is being used and how it can be improved.


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