The Cornell Lending Library was started in the Spring of 2016 as collaboration between First in Class and Durland Alternatives Library to address the needs of students who were struggling academically due to financial barriers to academic resources.

The Problem:

Collegeboard estimates that students spend approximately $1250 on textbooks per year. For some students this price tag is just too high. Testimonials and demand at the library have made the need for the Lending Library clear.


The Solution:

Our model was inspired by the Lending Libraries at Brown University and Columbia University. We offer free semester long loans to students who struggle to afford their textbooks. We collect donations from students who have textbooks they no longer require and purchase textbooks of high demand using grant money.  Our location in Durland Alternatives Library provides a stigma-free zone for students to pick up whatever books they require.  Our library is entirely donations based and constantly growing.  Find out how you can support us.