Other Resources

Here at the Lending Library we understand that being a college student isn’t cheap, so we’ve compiled a list of resources that might help make college more affordable.


Besides the Cornell Lending Library there are numerous ways to make textbooks more affordable!

1. Use the Cornell Library System Course Reserves :  Many professors place the books for their class on reserve at the library to be taken out in 2-hour intervals. Tip: If you take out the book within 2 hours before the library closes you don’t have to return it until the library opens next!

2. Rental services: Renting textbooks  can be cheaper than buying textbooks and super simple to return. Some great rental services are: Amazon, Chegg, and CampusBookRentals

3. Older Editions: Consider purchasing older editions of the textbook. These versions are much cheaper and often contain all the information you will require.


Food is certainly not cheap when you live in a food desert. To make eating more affordable consider these resources:

1. Anabel’s Grocery: This is a student initiative to bring low-cost groceries to an accessible location right here on Cornell’s campus. This grocery will be operational beginning Spring 2017 in Anabel Taylor Hall (same building as Durland Alternatives Library). To find out more visit: http://anabelsgrocery.org/

2. GreenStar Flower Program: GreenStar offers a 15% discount to any individual who can demonstrate appropriate financial need as determined by Green Star staff. To read more about this benefit visit: https://greenstar.coop/flower/

3. 626 Food Pantry: Cornell has its own food pantry located in the Center for Intercultural Dialogue  on 626 Thurston. They offer mostly non-perishable goods at any time of the year.