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The Lending Library functions entirely on donations by people like you!  Donations of all size are welcome and greatly appreciated.

Drop off your old  Textbooks:

You bring your textbooks to these collection center(s)

Durland Alternatives Library

Hours of Operation:

Monday-Thursday: 11am-8pm


Saturday, Sunday: 11am-5pm



Monetary donations of any size are greatly appreciated and will be used to directly



Email Nicholas Karavolias at to learn about volunteer opportunities.

Our Supporters:

 The Cornell Store features our collection bins at their buyback locations at the end of the semester allowing us to collect multitudes of textbooks from students! We thank Chris Cave, academic materials manager, and all Cornell Store staff for their continued support.


-Corrina Lewis

-Phi Delta Theta

-Jesse Pollard and the Townhouse Community

-Community Funding Partnership Board

-Robinson Appel Humanitarian Award

-Student Assembly Special Projects Fund