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The Importance of Content Creation for Digital Marketing

[Disclaimer: This is an uncensored and unedited article submitted by a student at Cornell University. We have experienced recent cases of students publishing articles on Cornell Digital Marketing that contain subtle advertisements, spam and offensive content. In those cases, we removed the articles promptly thanks to whistleblowing from our blog subscribers. If you believe this article contains any subtle advertisements, spam or offensive content, please report it immediately for us to review. Thank you.]


Most marketers are aware of the phrase “content is king”, yet the importance of content marketing continues to be underestimated. Digital and online marketing has changes how customers interact with businesses and brands. Top of the Funnel Content (TOFU) enables brands to build content that is more likely to generate leads and eventually, sales. By building content, including custom writing and blogs, a brand is able to position itself as a market leader and begin to develop its prevalence in the market and trust amongst consumers. This approach prevents businesses from appearing overly self-promotional and provides reassurance to prospective customers than they will not be pressured with a hard sell. The effect of TOFU is to close the trust gap that initially exists between a new enterprise and a savvy consumer. It also has the effect of establishing a brand as a credible source of industry relevant information. TUFO often takes the form of; eBooks, blogs, consumer feedback and testimonials, guides and videos.

In addition to TOFO, there is also MOFU, or Middle of the Funnel Content. This becomes relevant as a consumer enters the consideration phase. Businesses need to create content that not only informs the buyer but seeks to bridge the gap between the top and the bottom of the digital marketing funnel. A well structured, methodical marketing strategy makes various components come together to create a holistic picture. MOFU generally includes the creation of the following content; case studies, catalogues, webinars, sell sheets and competitive evaluations.

Finally, there is BOFU, or the Bottom of the Funnel. Ultimately, this is the decision stage, where the buyer makes a final decision as to whether to commit to purchase. A prospective buyer should be well informed by this stage and understand how the product of which they are considering purchasing, compares to others in the market. This is the point in which the purchaser is most willing to engage with sales representatives and it is important that the potential customer isn’t confronted with anything that may spook them before the purchase is confirmed. BOFU content will heavily impact a customers final thought process and ultimately influence their decision to purchase. Landing pages need to be purpose built to ensure a strong value proposition and conversion. BOFU often takes the form of; demos, assessments, trials and consultations.

In addition, businesses also need to be aware of marketing strategy. Marketing strategy helps to establish an appropriate content strategy that is most likely to convey the intented go-to-market message. Businesses should seek to employ the services of a online marketing expert or agency that can understand the various buyer personas and how to spark interest, generate leads and convert sales, through the correct composition and creation of content.

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