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5 Inbound Marketing Tips for Cornell Digital Marketers

Inbound marketing practices are rapidly winning over conventional outbound marketing. Consumers are getting smarter and traditional pushy ad campaigns are unable to do much for today’s audiences. Inbound marketing takes a more effective route by providing value-driven content that inevitably stimulates the audience to gravitate towards it. When you can provide something that is beneficial for your niche, it’s easy to “get found” naturally. However, with marketers increasingly taking to inbound practices, you have cut-throat competition ahead. These 5 inbound marketing strategies will help you stand out in the crowd.

Informative valuable and appealing content creation

Content creation is one of the major practices of inbound marketing and you need both on-site & off-site content here. On-site content is what you publish in your own website or blog while off-site is published in other sites- e.g. a leading media platform. “Focus on original, valuable and highly detailed content that will actually help the reader. Also, make sure it’s engaging enough right from the heading till the last line. For example, if you own a dating site, contents like “Dos and Don’ts for your first date would be a stellar idea.”, suggested veteran online marketer Daniel Wallock. A highly influential digital marketer, Wallock was named one of The Inc.’s top 8 content marketers to follow in 2017.

Leverage the power of social media

This is one of the most important inbound marketing strategies for startups. Inbound marketing is about engaging your audience naturally so that they willingly look forward to hear more about your brand. With billions of active users worldwide, social networking sites assure a larger platform for you to reach and connect with your audience. There are various ways to attract an audience in social media. You can organize contests, excite them with a smashing video of your breakthrough product, post helpful how-to tutorials and so on.

Follow influencer marketing

Do you know influencer marketing is growing faster than digital ads? 38% of online marketers consider influencer marketing a vital aspect of their marketing campaign.

Influencer marketing aims to target the “influencers” dominating a specific industry. These people are the thought leaders and pundits who have the final say in the market. It’s common human tendency to follow what the giants do. So, if you can show your audience that you are being backed by the best in the industry, it is easier to garner reputation for your business. One of the best ways to contact the influencers is through major social media platforms like LinkedIn or Twitter. You can also connect with them through their blogs or online industry-specific forums. Contact them, follow them and comment on their posts. Write insightful and persuasive comments to excite their interest in you. When they revert back on your comment, introduce yourself and try to strengthen the rapport further so that they feel like mentioning you sometime later.

Stress customer advocacy

Stress customer advocacy for your brand rather than focusing more on your product specifications. When you are excessively talk about your own stuff, it gets slightly pushy – a strict “no” in inbound marketing. Instead let others do the talking for you. So, if one of your customers has posted a lovely selfie in your skater dress, like it, share it, and show how your dresses are making shoppers more beautiful. If a client has posted a happy testimonial on your website, use it in your Press Release to establish credibility.

Enticing offers

This is one of the most crucial strategies to boost your inbound marketing campaign. Enticing offers are a great way to stimulate your audience, but you need to back that up offerings that are actually helpful and valuable. The most effective offers are motivational and educational podcasts, ebooks, trial offers, mobile coupons, live demonstrations followed by free samples, etc.

Winding up

Maybe not that all these strategies will be effective for your business. The success of a strategy depends a lot on a business’ particular product, industry and target audience. But you should try out each of these to see which ones work for your business. Regular campaign tracking is vital to understand the strengths and also the limitations of the strategies so that they can be fixed or replaced in time.

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