Executive Board

Productions Director: Jenn Muson

The productions director is in charge of securing campus and local services, police, stage equipment, and acts as the primary contact between the organization and the artist’s management. Day of show, she supervises day-of-show operations and the stage crew.



Finance Director: Lindsey Manos

The finance director oversees the organization’s budget, ensures that ticketing policies are in order, and works with other organizations for the co-sponsorship of events on campus. On day of show, she manages the Box Office and works front-of-house with the Selections Director.


Promotions Director: Miles Greenblatt

The promotions director organizes Clubfest, curates social media, negotiates media correspondences, designs innovative posters and quarter-cards, and promotes concerts on and off campus. During day of show, he runs the merchandise crew and handles press.


Administrative Director: Lauren Chung

The administrative director handles day to day housekeeping tasks for the organization by reserving rooms, managing the listserv, and planning social events for members. On day of show she heads the hospitality crew, which provides food and assembles the dressing rooms for the artist.



Selections Director: Wanda Field

The selections director stays up to date on emerging music trends to bring rising acts to Cornell, working as a liaison between the interests of general body members and the executive board to help select the artists. During shows she manages the ticket taking crew and confiscation room.