CCC is always open to assist funding to outside organizations for the production of musical events. Working alongside organizations such as SPICMACAY, Haven, JAM, and ASHA Cornell, CCC has been able to fund and help produce acts ranging from Bulgarian and Indian folk music to LGBTQ raves. If you are interested in having CCC co-sponsor your organization, fill out this application and email it to our Finance Director, Lindsey Manos at

Once the co-sponsorship is submitted, the CCC e-board will ask a representative of the organization to come to an e-board meeting. There, the representative will be asked to give a presentation of the event, covering the event’s purpose, amount requested, budgeting, promotional plans, and more. If the executive board approves the event, the representative is asked to present once more at the General Body (gbody) meeting. The gbody will ask questions and and ultimately decide whether or not to fund the event, and if so, determine the amount of funding. For details on the co-sponsorship guidelines, please read through our application, found here.