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A Week in Picutres

Even though it’s only been a couple weeks since classes restarted, for the last few days CIPA students enjoyed some time off classes with President’s Day weekend. It feels well-deserved, even if only short-lived, because we’ve had work and activity-filled weeks before it. Even when classes weren’t going on, we kept ourselves pretty busy. Here are some moments from my past week: (more…)

Meet Ranissa Adityavarman ’18

Hi! I’m Ranissa Adityavarman and I am a first-year CIPA fellow from Manlius, NY. I completed my undergraduate studies in International Relations and Economics at Colgate University in 2016. In the summer since graduation, I worked at the office of Senator Charles Schumer in Washington D.C. as a Rangel International Affairs Graduate Fellow. (more…)

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