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Second Semester Classes

Xiao Tan is a second-year CIPA student from China. She is concentrating her studies on Economic and Financial Policy. If you wish to learn more about Xiao, you may read her bio here.

Hello everyone!

After interning at the World Bank last semester, I have learned about my strengths and weaknesses and what classes I should take to improve my professional skills. There were so many options for us to choose from, and I had difficulty picking the finalists. Here are my lists of courses this semester:

PADM5420 Public Budgeting – This class is very exciting because Professor Grasso has 25 years of financial and managerial experience in the private, public, and non-profit sectors. I found this course to be extremely helpful for my job interviews as a budget analyst.

ILRLR 6615 Socially Responsible Business – This class is also taught by Professor Grasso and will be offered in the second half of the semester.

AEM 4321 Data Visualization – This is a hands-on class focused on visualizing data by using basic programming languages. The course trains students to utilize large sets of data and transform them into graphs using R and Tableau. I wish I could have taken this class before I started my internship at the World Bank.

CRP5080 Intro to GIS for plannersThis is another hands-on class that provides students with a conceptual understanding of geographic information systems (GIS) and sciences, practical hands on experience with GIS software, and understanding of how GIS can be applied to planning practice and research. This class includes a final project in which students will 1) identify a planning problem that requires GIS data, and 2) collect, process, and analyze such data.

PADM5910 Domestic Capstone –Another hands-on class, Capstone provides 2nd year MPA students with opportunities to practice skills we’ve learned in our coursework. This class is similar to PADM 5900 Consulting for Government and Nonprofit Organizations, and I highly suggest that you take both of these courses. You can take the Consulting one during the first year and the Capstone during the second year. My team’s Capstone client this semester is Housing on Merit, a not-for-profit that aims to create a bridge to permanent affordable housing for vulnerable populations

I am excited to see what the new semester will bring!

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