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Skip the Power Struggle

By Nancy Olsen-Harbich, MA “It doesn’t matter what I ask – she never obeys me.” “He’s impossible! I hate it that every day ends with me yelling and him crying.” “The simplest thing turns into a contest, and no one wins.” Sound familiar? What parent hasn’t been frustrated by trying to solicit cooperation from a […]

How Much Milk Should a Toddler Drink?

By Dinah Torres Castro Parents of young children are often confused by the sudden changes in their child’s eating habits after the first birthday. This period of development, called toddlerhood, is a time when a child no longer relies solely on formula or breast milk to get the most nutrition. By this stage, most one […]

Teens and Sleep

  By Maxine Roeper Cohen, M.S. Remember when your little ones awoke at the crack of dawn and instantly called for you to start the day? As parents, we wish that our young children would sleep a bit later so that we may catch some more shut-eye as well. If we only knew then how […]

Making Good Choices: A Life-long Skill

By Dinah Torres Castro Most parents will agree that raising a responsible child is one of their top goals. Part of creating responsibility is allowing your child to make good decisions. Giving choices to young children is the first step to helping them make good decisions. Here is where parents need to be smart about […]

Choosing Good Books for Young Children

By Nancy Olsen-Harbich, MA You know that good reading skills can help your child throughout life, and that you can help develop a love for reading by reading aloud with your child. But how do you select the best books? Good books for preschoolers should be enjoyable, but they should also stimulate curiosity and imagination, […]

The American Academy of Pediatrics Issues New Recommendations for Screen Time

By Kerri Kreh Reda, M.P.H. The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) has had recommendations in place for screen time (time spent using televisions, computers, phones etc.) since 1999. However, as digital media has changed, so have the recommendations. Below are the newest recommendations in a nutshell. Recommendations for infants (18 months and younger) For children […]


By Maxine Roeper Cohen, M.S. In the nature of my work, I meet with parents of young children. There’s never a question that they all want their little ones to grow up to be confident, competent, caring, conscientious, and nurturing adults. Parents are the best role models for these traits, and children learn through observation […]

Dealing with Morning Madness

By Nancy Olsen-Harbich, MA Does the thought of getting out of bed and trying to get your child ready to leave the house make you want to crawl deeper under the covers each morning? Children need lots of time and a routine to follow each morning, or chaos can accompany the Cornflakes, and bad tempers […]

Positive Guidance for Preschoolers

By Nancy Olsen-Harbich, MA Clever sayings on T-shirts such as “Because I’m the Mommy” or “Just because I said so” are not the real reasons your child should obey rules and be well behaved. If you truly want your child to grow to be responsible and disciplined, you need to take time when your child […]


By Nancy Olsen-Harbich, MA Can you remember how powerful and free you felt as a child when you ran fast, climbed high, and yelled at the top of your lungs for playmates to follow along? Going outside to play for part of every day provides so many benefits for your child. These include: Improving coordination […]

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