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Healthy Lunch Box Lunches

By Dinah Torres Castro At the start of the school year, most parents have great ideas for their child’s lunch box, thinking that this will be the year they will finally get it right! They have a mental list of everyday favorites (bagels and cream cheese), ones that are good old standbys (PB & J), […]


By Maxine Roeper Cohen, M.S. This is an exciting and frantic time of year for high school seniors. Many are laboring to complete college applications, and then are anxiously waiting for college acceptances. Others are graduating with high school diplomas and are eager, and also petrified, to enter the work world. This is certainly a […]

Preparing your Child for College

By Kerri Kreh Reda, M.P.H.  Like me, you might be preparing to send your oldest child to college next fall. As I navigate my way through my daughter’s senior year, I can’t help but wonder if I’ve prepared her well for life at college. Surely there are nuggets of information I have failed to share […]

Dealing with Morning Madness

By Nancy Olsen-Harbich, MA Does the thought of getting out of bed and trying to get your child ready to leave the house make you want to crawl deeper under the covers each morning? Children need lots of time and a routine to follow each morning, or chaos can accompany the Cornflakes, and bad tempers […]

Back to School Balancing Act

By Tim Jahn, M.ED For pre-teens, especially those entering middle school, the first weeks of September can be demanding. Back to school brings a fresh start for academic success — a chance for your child to make significant headway towards good grades. It also means reconnecting with friends they haven’t seen for two months and […]

Making the Most of Parent-Teacher Conferences

By Dinah Torres Castro It’s that time of year…parent-teacher conferences are around the corner! If it’s your first parent-teacher conference, you may be anxious about what to expect. Here are some tips that will help even the veteran parent feel more at ease and better able to handle the meeting in a way that will […]

Extracurricular Excess

By Tim Jahn, M.ED It’s generally accepted that participation in extracurricular activities has many benefits. There is a positive correlation between extracurricular participation and school performance. Teams and clubs help kids make friends and acquire social skills, especially important for introverted teens who may have difficulty socializing on their own. Sports and athletic programs teach […]

Getting Ready for School: First Impressions Do Matter

By Nancy Olsen-Harbich, MA How your child responds to his first days of school is important because it may affect his feelings about school for a long time to come. If he has a good first impression of kindergarten and he isn’t disappointed or made to feel ill-prepared, he’s more likely to believe school to […]

Laptop Note taking Versus Handwriting Note Taking

By Maxine Roeper Cohen, M.S. Years ago, most of us listened to our teachers and took notes in each class utilizing pen (or pencil) and paper (in marble or spiral notebooks, or in loose leaf binders). In today’s world, laptop computers have become most popular for note taking, especially for college students who carry these […]

Vaccines for College Students

By Kathy Sinkin, RN, CDE It’s the time of year when our high school graduates are getting ready to attend college in the fall, and we’re racing to take them to the doctor for their school physicals and necessary vaccines. The following are 4 vaccine areas emphasized and recommended for college students and young adults […]

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