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Living Healthy with Diabetes – Riverhead

Free Workshop!

FREE – Living Healthy with Diabetes Program – Suffolk Community College @ Selden

Call 631-727-7850 X 340 to register!

FREE – Living Healthy with Diabetes Program – Dolan @ Greenlawn

Call 631-727-7850 X 340 to register!


By Maxine Roeper Cohen, M.S. A number of decades ago, Little League baseball was the pre-eminent organized sport for youngsters. Girls were ineligible and teams were formed for a season. Sports were played predominately on neighborhood streets where children spontaneously formed kickball, basketball, football, and softball games, depending on the season. Whoever was available that […]

Upcoming Program: Cooking Smarter/Eating Better

By Maryann Birmingham Cooking Smarter/Eating Better is designed to teach basic cooking skills and techniques and to help families eat and prepare more meals at home. We’d like to boost your kitchen confidence! You will improve your preparation skills, food selection practices and be able to cook more meals that are healthy, delicious and nutritious. […]

Too Many Ticks: What Can I do?

By Marie Boulier We can’t complain about the weather, well unless you’d rather it rain more often. We can’t complain about the heat, at least not this summer. However, when you mention ‘Ticks’, you are likely to hear a lot of complaining. You might even hear how they jump and fall from trees. How chiggers […]

Enjoying the Harvest

By Elizabeth Takakjian Vine ripe tomatoes are one of the vegetables most gardeners think of as the iconic vegetable – fruit of summer. Picking cherry tomatoes by the handful or that plump slicing tomato as it ripens to that perfect red or golden yellow is worth the wait. My favorites, black cherries, ripen to a […]

Creating Healthy Places Garden Success!

By Elizabeth Takakjian Creating Healthy Places in Suffolk County community gardens keep on growing and giving! As an educator, seeing a student become the teacher is one of the proudest moments and that’s exactly what Magail Roman has done. A novice gardener two years ago when she joined the Growing Together Garden in Brentwood, Ms. […]

What is Diabetes Self-Management Education?

By Alysa Ferguson, MS, RD, CDE Diabetes is a chronic condition that affects a person’s life in many different ways. When diabetes is not well-controlled, it can bring on other health problems, such as heart disease, eye disease and kidney disease. However, diabetes can be a complicated condition to treat. Many things affect blood sugars, […]

Get Ready for Screen-Free Week

By Tim Jahn, M.ED Sponsored by the Campaign for Commercial-Free Childhood, “Screen-Free Week” is scheduled for May 5-11, 2014.  If you feel that you or your family spend too much time in front of screens and not enough time talking, reading or getting outside, then here are some ideas to take back control. Establish screen-free […]

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