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Do as you say and say as you do!

By Kerri Kreh Reda As your child’s first teacher, you teach her many things – how to talk, feed herself, dress herself and how to use the toilet.  You make a conscious effort to teach these skills.  What you may not realize is that you also teach many other things unintentionally by the example you […]

What Parents of Pre-Teens Should Really Worry About

By Tim Jahn Raising a pre-teen today can be pretty nerve-wracking.  Whenever a young person brings a gun to school or is lured into a dangerous rendezvous by an online predator, the headlines shock the general public and terrify parents of pre-teens and teens.  Every week brings some news that distresses parents – youth gangs, […]

Summer Nutrition: Safe and Healthy Eating in the Sun

By Alysa Ferguson Summertime is great for barbeques, picnics, and fresh produce (think grilled vegetables with your meal and watermelon for dessert!). However, fun-in-the-sun eating also means taking some extra precautions to ensure your family’s food is safe to eat. The warmer temperatures create a perfect environment for bacteria and other pathogens to multiply rapidly, […]

Dignity at School, Dignity at Home

By Timothy Jahn The Dignity for All Students Act or DASA was passed by the New York State Legislature and signed into law by Governor Paterson in 2010 and became effective July 1, 2012.  Under this law, schools are required to provide a school environment free from discrimination and harassment which is defined as verbal […]

Gardening with Children Reaps Many Benefits

By Nancy Olsen-Harbich   Children of preschool age and older can reap many benefits from helping out in the garden. Learning how to help plants grow, can foster responsibility and patience in children. Families can become closer as children and parents share a common interest they can work on together. To reap the full benefits […]

Reading and Emotional Intelligence

By Maxine Roeper Cohen, M.S. Do you enjoy reading to your child? It is a bonding experience, holding that young child on your lap and turning the pages together in a brightly illustrated book. Even infants love being held and listening to your voice while being introduced to soft books which stimulate their senses. It […]

Boys today

By Kerri Kreh Reda, M.P.H. It’s tough being a boy today. In past generations, male roles were clearly defined as warrior, soldier, or perhaps as sole provider for the family. As women have joined both the military and the workforce, boys’ roles and their purpose in society have become less clear. We have done a […]

Why Preschoolers Worry and What You Can Do About It

By Nancy Olsen-Harbich, MA Adults tend to think of early childhood as a worry-free zone, but the growing knowledge, awareness, and experiences of preschoolers can sometimes provide fuel for anxiety. Add to that their budding capacity to imagine both pleasant and very unpleasant things, and the result can be worrisome comments such as: “I’m not […]

Healthy snacks for kids

By Rachel MacKinnon Snack time is an opportunity to increase your child’s nutrition. It can be tricky when deciding what to feed your child, and if you have a picky eater, it’s even more challenging. Children will eat snacks that look colorful and fun. For example, by cutting food into different shapes, foods look new. […]

Choosing Meals for Picky Eaters

By Dinah Castro Many parents of young children find themselves battling, begging and even bribing their children to eat a variety of healthy foods. Children can become picky eaters when they reach a stage in their development at which they want to assert independence. This is the time to encourage your child to make their […]

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