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Enjoying Family Holiday Gatherings

By Nancy Olsen-Harbich, MA Watch a four year old having a melt-down in the middle of a family celebration and you know his circuits are on overload. If it happens to be your own child, you might even feel a bit stressed out yourself. There’s nothing like Cousin Cindy’s judgmental stare to bring out feelings […]


Wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Spring: A Time for Resolutions?

By Kim Mendel, RD CDN With spring arriving very soon, we often feel the desire and excitement for change. Some of us may look forward to a fresh start in order to take on old or new challenges. This time can also bring with it apprehension and stress, with the uncertainty of knowing what changes […]

Happy New Year


Holiday Blues or Depression?

By Tim Jahn, M.ED The holidays are not always happy times for families. For some adults and kids, the holidays may evoke feelings of loss, magnify conflict, or increase stress. In fact, many people experience “holiday blues” that can include anxiety, moodiness, fatigue, disaffection, and post-holiday disappointment. For pre-teens, the holiday blues may translate into […]

Holiday Traditions: Setting Up for Success, Not Stress

By Nancy Olsen-Harbich, MA For children aged 3 to 5, the holidays offer many delights: the lights, the singing, the cookies, and yes, the presents. To keep the presents and “getting” in perspective, choose holiday traditions which convey your family’s values. Can you choose traditions? Aren’t traditions just handed down? Yes and yes. You bring […]

“Healthy” Holiday Treat Recipe for Gift Giving or to Help Keep that Sweet Tooth in Check

By Donna Moodie, RD CDN To me, two of the best parts of any dessert are the chocolate and the nuts! When I saw this recipe at the American Diabetes Association web site (, I knew I hit the jackpot. The recipe combines the delicious crunch of assorted roasted nuts, coconut, and dark chocolate chips […]


3… 2… 1…

Wishing you all the best that this upcoming year has to offer. Sending hopes for health, prosperity and happiness to you and yours from all of us. ~Family Health & Wellness~

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