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Keep Your Wheels Turning, Keep Your Mind and Body Going

By Kristen DeLuca Think of your body as a machine – a car, for example. You have to give your car fuel; with the proper fuel necessary to keep it running. You have to maintain the car; change the oil, take it for yearly inspections, for necessary repairs, and for tune-ups. Similarly, to fuel your […]

Teens and Depression

By Maxine Roeper Cohen, M.S. As parents, it’s difficult to determine if your teen is suffering from depression or anxiety, or is merely being moody. Rates of clinical depression and anxiety have risen in the teenage population (ages 12-17) during the past ten years. The National Institute of Mental Health estimates that in the past […]

Just Say “No” to Spring Break

By Tim Jahn, M.ED Like the swallows of San Juan Capistrano, thousands of college students fly south to warmer climates each year and land in places like Cancun, Panama City, Cabo San Lucas and South Padre Island. Spring Break is a cultural phenomenon that was kick-started in 1960 with the movie “Where the Boys Are.” […]

Distracted Parenting

By Kerri Kreh Reda, M.P.H. I’m sure you have heard of distracted driving, but what about distracted parenting? For years there has been concern about children’s use of technology. Numerous studies point to health, behavior, and learning issues. But there is growing concern about the impact that parents’ technology use has on their children. Children […]

The Opioid Epidemic

By Tim Jahn, M.ED Drug overdose deaths have doubled since 1999, and deaths from prescription opioids and heroin have quadrupled. According to the Centers for Disease Control, 91 people die each day from opioid drug overdoses. In fact, more people die each year from drug overdoses than from car accidents or homicide. What are Opioids? […]

Snow Shoveling Tips

By Kathy Sinkin, RN, CDE Shoveling snow in the winter can be dangerous. We want to get the job done, and don’t stop to give our bodies a chance to rest. Snow shoveling can place excessive stress on the back, which can cause low back strain and more. In order to avoid injury, here are […]

Back on Track after the Holidays

By Kim Manfried, RD CDN After another long holiday season, as well as cold outdoor temperatures, getting back on track to eating salads and oatmeal may seem daunting and not so tasty. Quieter houses with less hustle and bustle can make you feel a bit down. For those who may have indulged a bit on […]

The Benefits of Making Small-Simple Changes

By Donna Moodie, RD CDN CDE So many of us want to be healthier, make lifestyle changes, lose weight, exercise, and change our diets. These desires intensify after a season of over-indulgence and sedentary behavior. We find ourselves making statements like: “That’s it, no more sweets ever!” or “I am going to the gym to […]

What is “Gluten-Free”?

By Kristen DeLuca Gluten-free foods are becoming more prevalent in grocery stores, and celiac-friendly menu items are popping up on menus at restaurants. You are probably wondering what gluten-free is and if this is a diet you should consider. Gluten is a mixture of proteins which help hold the structure in wheat, rye, barley, and […]

Teens and Sleep

  By Maxine Roeper Cohen, M.S. Remember when your little ones awoke at the crack of dawn and instantly called for you to start the day? As parents, we wish that our young children would sleep a bit later so that we may catch some more shut-eye as well. If we only knew then how […]

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