You may find this Hallmark holiday a little contrived, but if you enjoy a day that celebrates love in the middle of a frigid North Country winter here are some ideas for incorporating local beets into your Valentine’s Day menu…

I simply roasted beets (cut off top and tip, drizzeled with oil, wrapped in foil, tossed in a 375 degree oven for an hour plus…) and used the results for both dishes.

Heart Beets on a Salad

A very easy and heart healthy way to add a little Valentine pizazz to a meal is to simple slice the peeled roasted beets and cut out a few hearts.  I used a cookie cutter but you could freehand the hearts if your crafty.  These topped a salad, but would also be tasty served on bruschetta or even baked onto a white pizza.

These pancakes were slightly more time consuming, but a fun way to add color.  I added 1 tsp of beet puree to 1/2 cup of pancake batter.  After starting a typical pancake in a hot pan, you can simply pipe on little hearts of the pink batter.  If you do not have frosting supplies, just add your pink batter to a thick plastic food storage bag and snip a little bit off the end.  If you have little helpers, you could also make a few pink pancakes and a few standard pancakes and have them cut out hearts with a cookie cutter and mix and match the pancakes and pieces.

Thank you to Juniper Hill Farms for donating the delicious beets!!!