10 AM to 3 PM on Saturday May 12 at the 4-H Building at the Clinton County Fairgrounds
To earn a point for participation, please register by May 7, 2012 (contact the Extension Office orĀ register online).

Morning Session
The Nutrition Value of Poultry Products
Poultry in the Kitchen (groups will rotate between two stations to learn to cook chicken and egg dishes and learn the art of BBQ)

Cooking and Crafting with Eggs

Will be a potluck featuring egg and BBQ dishes

Afternoon SessionĀ 
What is a Good Egg–Everyone

Rotational stations led by older kids.
1) Fun and games with poultry
2) Fabulous Feathers
3) Showmanship Tips and techniques

Things to Bring
Please bring a hat to wear in the kitchen for the cooking activities. Each family needs to bring a side dish (salad, veggies or dessert) and a package of chicken parts to cook. A mixture of boneless, drumsticks and boned parts will be good. If your family cannot afford the chicken, there is no obligation. Please let the Extension office know so that we can have enough chicken on hand to feed everyone.

If anyone has eggs to spare, we would appreciate all donations of eggs. We need any color eggs for judging and cooking. We have a need for white eggs for crafting. Please indicate when you sign up if you can donate eggs (color and amount).