Crocosmia and Topflor dips and drenches

March 2010 issue of the Cornell Flower Bulb Research Program Research Newsletter:

In recent years, Crocosmia has been gaining in popularity throughout the world. ‘Lucifer’ is probably the best-known cultivar and has been selected by the IBC as the 2010 Summer Bulb of the Year. While ‘Lucifer’ is widely regarded as “the” cultivar, many other cultivars exist in colors from red to orange to yellow. While the flowers and leaves have a distinct tropical appearance, many cultivars of Crocosmia are surprisingly hardy. We have had many cultivars over winter years on end in Ithaca (zone 5). (To be clear, however, many factors affect Crocosmia winter hardiness, so in most cases it should not be considered “reliable” colder than Zone 6). Crocosmia therefore offers value and appeal to both growers and consumers.

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