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Habitat Fragmentation

I found a great video explaining the main concepts of what habitat fragmentation is, how it affects the wildlife around it, and how to mitigate habitat fragmentation, all using my favorite example- kitties!

As a review, habitat fragmentation is defined as the process by which a large habitat gets broken up into smaller habitats through habitat loss. Habitat fragmentation often results in a species, plant or animal, to become endangered due to a separation from or decrease of necessary resources like food, water, and shelter.

In order to mitigate the threats of habitat fragmentation due to infrastructure, environmentalists and engineers join forces to create land bridges, overpasses, tunnels, and culverts to name a few examples.

How can you help mitigate habitat fragmentation? Become involved in local land use and zoning issues, keep your politicians informed about the impacts of habitat fragmentation, and support conservation planning and ecological restoration initiatives.

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