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Cornell Fruit Resources: Berries

Resources for Commercial Berry Growers

Variety selection

Day-Neutral (Everbearing) Strawberry Varieties for Low Tunnels

Day-Neutral Strawberry Characteristics:

  • Produce fruit over a long harvest season
  • Also known as “everbearing”
  • Large, high quality, firm fruit
  • Suitable for shipping
  • Good flavor when ripened on the plant

Albion (University of California)


  • Industry standard for day-neutral shipping from California
  • Moderate yields in eastern U.S.
  • Berries very large with the largest somewhat furrowed
  • Scarlett red and firm, good flavor when fully ripened on plant
  • Moderately susceptible to powdery mildew, resists other leaf diseases
  • Moderately susceptible to fruit anthracnose

Evie 2 (Edward Vinson, Ltd., U.K.)

Evie 2

  • Extremely productive
  • Medium-sized fruit, spherical
  • Berries light-colored, soft, mild flavor
  • Susceptible to botrytis fruit rot

​Mara Des Bois (France)

​Mara Des Bois

  • Gourmet berry, known for excellent flavor
  • Relatively small berries, perfectly red, sometimes a bit soft
  • Very susceptible to fruit anthracnose
  • Best suited for home gardens or small-scale premium production

Monterey (University of California)

Monterey (University of California)

  • Very productive
  • Berries medium-large, moderately firm, average flavor
  • Dark red fruit lightens to orange red in hot conditions
  • Extremely susceptible to fruit anthracnose, anthracnose crown rot
  • Foliage and fruit susceptible to powdery mildew

Portola (University of California)

Portola (University of California)

  • Earliest to fruit, consistent production all season long
  • Berries medium-large, light colored, soft, low flavor
  • Susceptible to common leaf spot, powdery mildew
  • Very susceptible to fruit anthracnose, anthracnose crown rot

​San Andreas (University of California)

​San Andreas (University of California)

  • Moderate yields, most production in fall under cool conditions
  • Berries very large, firm, bright red, good flavor
  • Warm conditions produce very wide or unusually elongated fruit
  • Susceptible to common leaf spot
  • Less susceptible to powdery mildew than most other day-neutral cultivars

Seascape (University of California)

Seascape (University of California)

  • Medium to high yields
  • Berries medium size, medium red, moderate to low firmness
  • Flavor is among sweetest of day-neutral cultivars
  • Moderate susceptibility to fruit anthracnose
  • Fruit may become asymmetrical in very warm conditions

Sweet Ann (Lassen Canyon Nursery)​

Sweet Ann (Lassen Canyon Nursery)​

  • Produces only very late in the season in eastern U.S.
  • Exceptionally large fruit with excellent flavor
  • Some susceptibility to leaf scorch, potato leaf hoppers
  • Warm conditions may produce very elongated or asymmetrical fruit

Variety photos: K. Demchak, Penn State

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