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Cornell Fruit Resources: Berries

Resources for Commercial Berry Growers

The TunnelBerries team

This site features information for growers and educators on all types of protected culture for strawberries and brambles. The project that led to this site (originally hosted at  was Funded by the National Institute of Food and Agriculture, U.S. Department of Agriculture, Specialty Crops Research Initiative ​under Award Number 2014-51181-22380.

The TunnelBerries Research and Extension team included:

  • Eric Hanson, Project Director, Professor and Extension Specialist,  Department of Horticulture, Michigan State University
  • Annemiek Schilder, Professor, Center for Integrated Plant Systems, Michigan State University
  • Rufus Isaacs, Professor, Department of Entomology, Michigan State University
  • Kathy Demchak, Sr. Extension Associate, Department of Plant Science, Pennsylvania State University
  • Dennis Decoteau, Professor, Horticulture and Plant Ecosystem Health, Pennsylvania State University
  • Kathy Kelley, Professor, Horticulture Marketing and Business Management, Pennsylvania State University
  • William Lamont, Jr., Professor, Vegetable Crops, Pennsylvania State University
  • Richard Marini, Professor, Horticulture, Pennsylvania State University
  • Emily Hoover, Professor and Head, Department of Horticultural Sciences, University of Minnesota
  • Mary Rogers, Assistant Professor, Department of Horticultural Sciences, University of Minnesota
  • Lois Levitan, Director of the Recycling Agricultural Plastics Program, Cornell University
  • Marvin Pritts, Professor, Horticulture Section, School of Integrative Plant Science, Cornell University
  • Rebecca Sideman, Associate Professor, Plant Biology & Sustainable Horticulture Specialist, ​University of New Hampshire
  • David Conner, Associate Professor, Department of Community Development and ​Applied Economics, University of Vermont
  • A.J. Both, Associate Professor & Extension Specialist, Controlled Environment Engineering, ​Rutgers University
  • Michael Glenn, Laboratory Director and Research Leader, USDA-ARS-Appalachian Fruit Research Station
  • Kim Lewers, USDA Geneticist, USDA-Beltsville
  • Nigel Paul, Professor, Lancaster Environment Centre at Lancaster University, U.K., Co-Chair of the Montreal Protocol Environmental Effects Assessment Panel
  • Crispin Halsall, Environmental Chemist, Lancaster Environment Centre
    Lancaster University, U.K.

Advisory Board Members:

  • Mike Brewer, Haygrove Tunnels
  • Scott Coleman, Director of Business Development, Delta Plastics of the South, LLC
  • John Cooper, Strawberry Tyme Farms Inc
  • Shirley Todd Kline, Happy Valley Berry Farm
  • Fred and Linda Koenigshof, K&K Farms
  • Mike Marrett, Co-Owner, Rimol Greenhouse Systems
  • Eric Menard, Business Development Manager, Dubois Agrinovation
  • David Pike, Farm to You
  • Ms. Dale Ila M. Riggs, The Berry Patch, President, NYS Berry Growers Association
  • Deborah S. Wechsler, National North American Raspberry and Bramble Association

Supporting Grower Organizations:

  • Michigan State Horticultural Society
  • Minnesota Berry Growers Association
  • New York State Berry Growers Association
  • Pennsylvania Vegetable Growers Association

Industry Collaborators:

  • Fred Koenigshof, Owner, K&K Farms
  • Scott Coleman, Director of Business Development, Delta Plastics of the South
  • Ian Kyle, Vice President, NBF Plastics
  • Jason Moore, Director of Research and Product Development, Arid AgriTec, Lancaster Environment Centre, Lancaster UK
  • Patty Moore, President and CEO, Moore Recycling Associates
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