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High Tunnels for extending the growing season

High Tunnels are temporary structures that provide some crop protection and environmental modification at a relatively low cost.  Unlike greenhouses, high tunnels are ventilated by raising the sidewalls.

Types of high tunnels include:

Hoophouse or Quonset Style High Tunnel:
​Hoophouse or Quonset Style High Tunnel:

  • Rounded roof profile
  • Can collect snow so space arches close enough to bear the weight of snow. 
  • Sidewalls can be rounded or straight.  Straight sidewalls provide space for taller crops.

Gothic Style High Tunnel:
​Gothic Style High Tunnel:

  • Peaked roof, sheds snow more easily.  Straight side walls. 
  • Higher profile for taller crops and more stable temperatures in warmer months
  • Must have braces and purlins to withstand wind.

Multi-Bay High Tunnels:
Multi-Bay High Tunnels:

  • Several hoophouse arches connected together with gutters. Can cover large areas.
  • Large enough to accommodate tractors and tall crops like fruit trees.
  • Not intended to withstand snow-load and high winds.


Manufacturers & Distributors:

More information

  • Cornell High Tunnels – Information from Cornell University on tunnel types, how to choose the right high tunnel site selection, and more.
  • Three Season High Tunnel Fruit Production Gains Steam –  Fruit Grower News article: High tunnels offer a means of manipulating the environment around crop plants, resulting in many changes in plant growth and prevalence of insects and plant pathogens.
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