Benefits of the CU Blog Service

CU Blog Service from CampusPress: A Simple Solution for Websites

  • Faculty and staff may request and administer blogs
  • Students and people outside of Cornell may contribute to blogs

Why choose the CU Blog Service (CampusPress)?

  • Quick to create and launch a simple website
  • No design or development skills required
  • Allows domain mapping (
  • No cost for hosting with CampusPress
  • CampusPress updates and patches WordPress and plug-ins
  • Lightweight content management is built-in making it easier to manage content and images
  • Many plug-ins for common website functionality (calendar, comments, etc.)
  • Many web accessible themes are available, including some designed to meet Cornell identity guidelines. If a new custom theme is needed, the Custom Web Development team can be contracted to develop one.

Things to Consider

  • The CU Blogs service should not be used to store confidential data as defined by Cornell Policy 5.10.
  • Review the plug-ins available through CampusPress to be sure they’ll meet your needs. (Only a subset of all WordPress plug-ins are available.)
  • Be sure to follow best practices for accessibility when adding content to sites.
  • The service is hosted and supported externally by our vendor CampusPress.  Service up-time is the responsibility of CampusPress.
  • Periodically the vendor makes changes to the environment and is not always able to provide advanced notice and communications. At times the vendor may also need to remove a plugin from the service which could impact your sites. Contact with questions.

Other Options if the CU Blogs Service Doesn’t Meet your Needs

  • Implement your own WordPress site on either the Cornell Hosting Stack or other cloud hosting provides. (You’ll need to ensure someone is taking care of the patches and maintenance to keep the site secure.)
  • Contact Custom Web Development to discuss other solutions.

4 thoughts on “Benefits of the CU Blog Service

  1. Hello!
    I am the summer intern in the Human Resources Information Systems department. On August 1st, Cornell is transitioning to electronic I-9 forms, which is altering the current I-9 process. I recently found a Cornell Blog that contains outdated information about the I-9 process. Could someone point me to the owner or web administrator of this blog? I would like to reach out to them so that they can update or remove the incorrect information. Thank you.
    Skyeler McQueen

  2. Hi Skyeler,

    May I ask, which blog site did you find that is referencing incorrect I-9 information?

    Thanks in advance,


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