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The arXiv received 67 preprints as part of today’s announcement of the discovery by the LIGO/Virgo Collaboration of the coalescence of a binary neutron star in NGC4993, accompanied by a short Gamma Ray Burst. The preprints were submitted over a period of several days and were held to be released together as a contiguous block […]

Principles & Best Practices for Preprints

On July 19, 2017, I had the pleasure of participating in the ASAPbio’s Evolving Preprint Ecosystem meeting. The forum focused on the rapidly growing preprints ecosystem, including new players such as ChemRxiv, PsyArxiv, EngArXiv, SocArXiv, etc. My brief presentation was based on the lessons learned through running arXiv and our intention to co-host a meeting with bioRxiv to promote […]

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