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A day in the life of the arXiv admin team

The arXiv administrator team handles the 500-600 new article submissions that come into arXiv every day (double that on Mondays). When a user sends a paper to arXiv it goes through a series of checks to detect technical issues with the paper and also to make sure it meets our moderation standards. The administrators shepherd […]

arXiv releases new moderation interface

Earlier today we released the first beta of a new moderation interface to support arXiv’s volunteer moderators. Driven by Cycle.js and backed by a RESTful API, the new interface centralizes the actions that moderators can make on a submission to a single view, reducing clicks and navigation time. We’re excited for them to try it and thank […]

New moderation interface coming soon

We just conducted a round of usability testing on a new interface for arXiv’s volunteer moderators. Given that they’re distributed all over the globe, this presented an interesting challenge. If you’re interested, you can read moreabout our process. We expect the new interface to go live (in beta) in June. Originally published 26 May 2017.

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