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Another quick arXiv user poll (links to publications cited by articles in arXiv)

We are considering enhancements to display links that will take the reader to the papers cited in arXiv articles. We already add arXiv links to PDFs when the TeX source is available and arXiv ids are present, for example. We would like your input on extending this further: The survey will remain open until […]

Invitation to join arXiv user and usability group

We just wrapped up our first arXiv-nextgen user poll, about the presentation of article references on the abstract page. We received about 750 responses, and are grateful to all the engaged arXiv users who provided input. We’ll share the results and decision publicly soon enough, but since we have more similar opportunities coming up, we […]

Our first arXiv-nextgen user poll!

We’re pleased to be conducting our first arXiv-nextgen user poll. The arXiv team is working on extracting and presenting article references on the abstract page. We’d like to know how you’d like them to be presented to you. You can express your preference by taking a very short survey: The survey will be available until […]

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