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Annual Update

We are pleased to provide an update with a brief summary of our 2017 activities and 2018 plans: We remain grateful for strong support from our member organizations, Simons Foundation, and essential contributions from arXiv’s advisory groups as they consistently provide us with input as representatives of scientific and library communities. We salute the […]


The arXiv received 67 preprints as part of today’s announcement of the discovery by the LIGO/Virgo Collaboration of the coalescence of a binary neutron star in NGC4993, accompanied by a short Gamma Ray Burst. The preprints were submitted over a period of several days and were held to be released together as a contiguous block […]

Donate to arXiv

arXiv will run an online fundraising campaign for four days, from October 16-19, 2017, to help raise additional funds (see Donations to arXiv). arXiv’s baseline maintenance costs are sponsored by more than 210 member organizations, the Simons Foundation, and Cornell University Library. This online campaign aims to garner additional resources from the program’s active and […]

Next-Gen arXiv Initiative Update

The goal of the next-gen arXiv (arXiv-NG) initiative is to improve the architecture of the service’s core infrastructure. Funded by the Sloan Foundation, the ongoing Phase I planning activities (December 2016-May 2018) aims to evaluate different scenarios for the overall development and replacement process, settle on a specific one, and initiative technical development work. At this stage, […]

Annual update

We have posted an update with a brief summary of our 2016 activities and plans for 2017: arXiv Team: Oya Y. Rieger (Program Director), Jim Entwood (Operations Manager), Chloe McLaren (Membership Program Coordinator), Sandy Payette (CTO), Gail Steinhart (Program Associate) Originally published 13 Jan 2017.

2017 roadmap ready

The 2017 roadmap is now available: 2017 arXiv Roadmap The arXiv roadmap is a living document and communication tool to accommodate continuous prioritization throughout the year. Items are listed in approximate priority order, subject to change based upon consideration of input from arXiv stakeholders, consideration of new opportunities and initiatives as they arise, and progress on next […]

2017 budget now available

The projected 2017 arXiv budget is now available on the budgets page. Please note, the reserve balances reflect the 2016 starting balances. These will be revised to accurate 2017 starting balances when the 2016 budget is closed (in Jan-Feb, 2017). Originally published 16 Dec 2016.

Alfred P. Sloan Foundation awards grant for arXiv upgrade

We’re pleased to announced the first phrase of a three-year overhaul and modernization, with the help of a $445,000 grant by the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation. Read the full press release. Originally published 12 Dec 2016.

arXiv and Allen Institute for Artificial Intelligence (AI2) collaborate on Semantic Scholar pilot for Computer Science papers

Semantic Scholar Pilot for Computer Science Papers: arXiv is collaborating on a 12-month pilot project with the Allen Institute for Artificial Intelligence (AI2), making the AI-based search engine available to the arXiv community. Originally published 12 Dec 2016.

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