Upcoming arXiv Leadership Transition

It has been almost ten years since I assumed the oversight of arXiv, as part of my Associate University Librarian responsibilities, with the charge of developing an organizational framework, governance model, sustainability plan, and roadmap for maintaining and developing this mission-critical resource. The arXiv leadership team believes that the service requires a full-time director as the operation continues to expand and as we register progress toward the much-needed technical architecture renewal process. I will be stepping down as arXiv Program Director in August and am pleased to announce that we’ve posted a full-time Executive Director position to hire my successor. This is yet another important milestone since we moved arXiv from the Library to Computing and Information Science at Cornell in January 2019.

A year ago, I started a half-time position at Ithaka S+R as Senior Advisor and am looking forward to making a full transition to research, writing, and strategic planning related to digital scholarship, open science, and preservation. So conceptually, I’ll not be that far away from arXiv and have opportunities to contribute to national and global initiatives to advance research and scholarship and build a sustainable infrastructure.

One of the most gratifying aspects of my arXiv affiliation over the years has been collaborating with the dedicated and supportive scientific and  scholarly communication communities. Working on arXiv has been an immensely gratifying, stimulating, and demanding role that has taught me a lot, especially about the importance of sociocultural and policy issues in scholarly communication and research. Throughout the years, I’ve benefited greatly from the advice and support from so many of you. I am grateful for having the opportunity to lead arXiv and look forward to watching it advance and innovate to serve the scientific community’s evolving needs.

With best wishes,


Oya Y. Rieger, Ph.D.
arXiv Program Director, Cornell Computing and Information Science
Senior Advisor, Ithaka S+R