arXiv hits 12k in May

We set a record this month for new papers to arXiv with over 12,000 new submissions. In addition to a general trend to increasing submission counts we typically see a spike of papers in spring and fall, although it varies which month it falls on. The chart below shows the monthly totals. It comes from our stats page which will display the up-to-date submission counts by month.

arXiv monthly submissions bar graph as of 30 May 2018
For live tracking of monthly totals please see

Primarily contributing to the increase we see now is growth in use of arXiv in Computer Science fields. It looks like the April GAIA data release also gave a little bump in astro-ph submissions for May.

Doughnut chart of arXiv submissions by category from 1 May to 30 May 2018 data source

Thank you to the authors around the world who share their open access papers on arXiv. So far in 2018 the top 10 countries with regard to submitting papers to arXiv are:

Country % of submissions
United States 26%
Germany 9%
China 8%
United Kingdom 7%
France 4%
Italy 4%
Japan 4%
India 3%
Canada 3%
Spain 2%
Other 30%


We also sincerely appreciate the dedicated team of volunteer moderators who keep a daily watch on all the papers coming into their category.