Annual Update

We are pleased to provide an update with a brief summary of our 2017 activities and 2018 plans:

We remain grateful for strong support from our member organizations, Simons Foundation, and essential contributions from arXiv’s advisory groups as they consistently provide us with input as representatives of scientific and library communities. We salute the contributions of 170 volunteer moderators who are crucial to our operation. Also we’d like to thank the Sloan Foundation and the Heising-Simons Foundation for their generous support of the next generation initiative.

arXiv Team
Oya Y. Rieger (Program Director), Steinn Sigurdsson (Scientific Director), Jim Entwood (Operations Manager), Martin Lessmeister (IT Lead), Sandy Payette (Technology Strategy Advisor), Erick Peirson (Lead Architect), Gail Steinhart (Program Associate), Chloe McLaren (Membership Program Coordinator)