Automated Vendor Form Overview: Automated Vendor Form Overview


New Vendor Type:  Refunds & Reimbursements (R&R) Only Effective Friday March 14, 2104, a new Vendor Type will be available to allow different procedures for vendors that only receive refunds or reimbursements from Cornell (see caution below for family travel, honoraria, and moving payments).

  • Payments to R&R vendors may be made on Disbursement Vouchers but will be restricted to the following payment reasons:
  • B-Reimbursement of Out of Pocket Costs
  • F-Refunds/Repayments to Indiv or Ext Org
  • J- Employee Travel Reimbursements (generally a recently terminated employee)
  • N-Non-Employee Travel Reimbursements
  • Travel advances were deliberately excluded from the eligible list.  We need tax ID’s because of reporting requirements if advances are not properly accounted for. 
  • Since there are no Tax Reporting Requirements for Refunds & Reimbursements:
    • No W-9’s or Tax ID’s are needed for this vendor type. (see Matrix on the page-  “W-9 Requirements for Payees” on Procurement Services website)
    • Foreign Vendors who only receive Refunds & Reimbursements should not be coded as Foreign
      • Coding as foreign adds administrative burden by requiring tax to review for payments that never require reporting and slows down the payment approval process
      • Instead, a note must be added indicating knowledge this vendor is foreign, so that Vendor Review can do OFAC (Office for Foreign Assets Control) review.
  • Implementation of this new vendor type will replace the MOU/special procedures issued by Anne Shapiro regarding one time travel reimbursements.
  • If at a future date a Refund & Reimbursement vendor needs to paid for other payment reasons, the Vendor type should be edited, and all data requirements completed for the new vendor type (tax id’s, foreign designation, W-9’s, etc.)