ENDOWMENT ACCOUNTS: A question came up about endowment accounts.

In Web Financials 2 –  To see the endowments in WebFin 2, you have to select the item in the College/Division selection box that show as C-Administration .  This is in addition to selecting the C- Arts and Sciences,   This will allow you in the Department selection box to indicate D- Institutional- Endowment as well as D – “Department Name”.

When those boxes are checked you can see the endowments on either the coversheet page (the owner on the coversheet is O”Brien, Bronwyn)  or the straight listing of accounts.

OR – If you have the Staff Accounting role you can use the Kuali Financial System – Available Balances Lookup – enter the Fiscal Year (currently 2013 as 2014 hasn’t opened yet). Chart Code IT and then the Account Number.

To find the 2XXX accounts in your department use the Account Lookup (in the Kuali Financials System).  Enter Chart Code IT – your department code (i.e., AXX) and an asterick (*) – then click on search.  This returns a list of the accounts.

http://www.dfa.cornell.edu/accounting/topics/investedfunds/ltip-share-management.cfm  This will give you the monthly report and it indicates current # of shares.

EXTERNAL ORG ACCOUNTS – Require application and approval.  Please return completed application to mailto:DW68@cornell.edu for processing.  External Org Account Reqeust.  External Org guidelines ExternalOrg.