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The College of Arts and Sciences Web Financials 2 representative is Betsy Collins, Mathematics Department.

To Request Access for WebFin2, fill out this form Template, and send to Diane West at  This access can be restricted down to the account level, with or without salary detail.

Act As – allows proxy user to “Act As” a target user who is named as an Account Manager in the KFS Financial System.  Send e-mail with Proxy user’s name and netID and Target user’s name and netID.  This function allows proxy user to view all accounts that Target user has access to (across the University).

Admin Tab Link

Spendviz Link

To Request Access to Spendviz, send a request to Diane West at

FINANCIAL AID AWARDING (Posting tuition, health insurance, fellowship stipend payments to student accounts)

Financial Aid Awarding Guide: Posting Awards in PS

Graduate Award Processing Matrix AY 2015-2016:  College of Arts and Sciences Graduate Awards Processing for FY16

Arts and Sciences Graduate Tuition Policies and Procedures: AS Graduate Tuition Policies and Procedures.063015

SYSTEM ACCESS CHECKLIST for new managers: Access for New Managers

To remove or change access, please contact Diane West at