When processing any REQ/PO for an existing vendor or a new vendor, under $10K that has ANY type of contract attached (Independent Consultant Agreement, Graphic Design Agreements, Small Service Provider Contract, Vendor Contract etc.) it is necessary that we click the Restricted Box located in the Items tab.  By clicking this box it will ensure that the doc is routed to the appropriate individuals for proper review of the attachments and a purchase order is NOT automatically created.

It is recommended that you DO NOT COPY a REQUISITION.  When you have entered a new vendor on the original requisition and then use the copy function to create another requisition the system does not know to pick up the newly created vendor.  If you do copy make sure that you perform a new vendor search to have the system enter the correct information.

Please keep in mind that eShop does not have the ability to check a box and if a quote is attached and not marked ‘Send to Vendor’ it just stays with the edoc and no one else sees it.

For orders over $10K, it is not necessary to click this box, as those docs route for review/approval regardless.

All requisitions should be submitted using US dollars (do not use foreign currency as the account encumbrance does not calculate correctly).  Make sure to include any instructions regarding foreign currency in the explanation box (i.e., funds need to be wired in EUR).  Make sure that if you are sending the invoice to Invoice Processing it is clear that payment needs to be made by wire in foreign currency.

To re-open a purchase order to allow additional payment to be made contact the contract manager (from Purchasing).