Recruitment and Relocation

Recruiting and Relocation Expenses Tax Impact Chart: Relocation Expenses Tax Impact Summary Chart 11-10-14

Bill Allen Tax Presentation 11-10-14: Bill Allen Tax Presentation 11-10-14 Bill Allen examples Examples

Tax Treatment of Travel & Moving Expense Reimbursements for Recruits: TaxTreatmentofTravelMovingExpRecruits

Moving Companies – When preparing the requisition for a move with Naglee or Rogers please make sure to choose United Van Lines (vendor 7422-0) then click on the search too by the address to choose Naglee or Rogers.  (When the invoice comes in payment has to be made to United.)  If the move is STATE to STATE then you choose the Parent Company (i.e., United) first and then use the c/o address (such as Nagleee or Rogers).  If the move is within New York State then you just choose the local company (Naglee or Rogers).

Medical or moving mileage rate: 2016 19 cents