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( Dell bundles available in eShop do not require an exception.  MacIntosh computers do not require an exception.

( Catering and Restaurants

( Suppliers and Caterers with Insurance

America To Go –

America To Go® has expanded its service to offer in-house dining at Ithaca area restaurants with e-SHOP integration for reservations and payments. To provide a convenient payment option for business meals, this service has been developed to allow direct billing to Cornell departments. To use the new service, visit America To Go in e-SHOP and select your restaurant, make a reservation, and select a not-to-exceed payment amount (which includes an eighteen percent gratuity). After you dine, verify and sign your bill at the restaurant and turn your receipt into your financial transaction or business service center. America To Go will then submit an invoice to Cornell for the meal and gratuity. It’s that easy!

The following restaurants are currently participating in the program:

  • Aladdin’s Natural Eatery
  • New Delhi Diamond’s
  • Moe’s Southwest Grill
  • Simeon’s on the Commons
  • Tamarind
  • Taste of Thai
  • The Carriage House
  • The Nines
  • The Piggery

How do I check to see what needs to be received (a purchase order over $5,000 has to be received by the department in order for payment to be released to the vendor)?  Go to the Kuali Portal, click on ‘doc search’ and enter PREQ in the Type search box.  Under the Payment Request Status highlight Awaiting Receiving.  Choose IT in the Chart Code dropdown and enter your department’s Organization Code in the search box.  Then click on ‘Search’ at the bottom of the screen.

Use of POs (Attachments/Notes)

– When creating a Requisition, any notes that are put in the Notes & Attachments tab, that don’t include an attachment, do not get sent to Procurement Services, when they receive the Unapproved PO.  They only see the notes in this field, if there is an attachment, included with the notes.

–  If you copy a Requisition that was originally created with a new vendor, you need to re-pull in the vendor, so it indicates the vendor number.  Otherwise, when Procurement Services receives the requisition, it shows the vendor as being new, and all the new vendor forms get sent, to the vendor again.

–  Voiding Purchase Orders – When requesting that a PO be voided, make sure that’s really what you want to do.  A lot of times, a PO is voided and then the vendor sends an invoice to Accounts Payable to be paid.

Expediting the PO Process

1. Procurement Services needs the e-mail and phone number of the vendor.

2. A note indicating it’s a “RUSH Order”, should be put in the description field of the Requisition.

3. Send an e-mail to the purchasing agent, letting them know, the order is a rush.

Recurring Payments Matrix – When setting up a Recurring Purchase Order, please look at the Recurring Payments Matrix for guidance, at this link:

Recurring orders – A lot of time a Recurring Order runs out of money, so when Accounts Payable receives the invoice, they have to follow up with the department, to request that more money be put on the Recurring Purchase Order.  If a Recurring Purchase Order runs out of money completely, a PO Amendment cannot be done, to add more money.  A new one needs to be issued.

To look at your Outstanding Encumbrance Balances on a Recurring PO:

  1. Go to KFS Reporting Tab at
  2. Click on KFS ID&R Dashboard
  3. General Ledger – Basic Activity
  4. External & Pre Encumbrance Tab (you may have to click on the double caret symbol to the right to show this tab)
  5. Acct and Name – Deselect the check mark on: Please make a selection (unless you are looking only at a specific account, then search and select your account)
  6. Go to Parent Org, Select More/Search, put in Org 21XX, click Search, Move the results to the Selected Side by double clicking on the Org.  Click O.k.
  7. Click Apply on the right hand side.

To look at your Outstanding Encumbrance Balance, when you know the account the Recurring PO is on:

  1. Go to KFS Balance Inquiries at
  2. Click on Open Encumbrances
  3. Put in Chart Code IT/EO
  4. Put in Account Number
  5. Click Search

Sole Source Justification Form is Available Electronically

– The Sole Source Justification form has been updated, to include more boxes to select from and is now available electronically, at this link:  However, it is not mandatory to submit this form electronically, Procurement Services will still accept the paper form.

Click here for Instructions on completing the electronic Sole Source Justification Form: 09202013112535

–  If an invoice is received in the department you can send the invoice to Invoice Processing by e-mailing it as an attachment to  Please make sure the PO# is clearly written on the top of the invoice before scanning and attaching it.   Limit 3 invoices per e-mail and allow for a 3 to 5 day turn around.  If you need a payment rushed, please indicate this in your e-mail.  Invoices sent through e-mail are sufficient, do not send the original through the campus mail as then the accounts payable folks will be looking for a purchase order they may have already paid based on your e-mail.  After the payment shows on the account (or you see it in the system), it is safe to shred the original.

***If you have a note that you want to get to Procurement Services, please let us know, and we will follow up with them, to make sure they received it.***

Hiring and relocation in CAS:

Working with Coldwell Banker Relocation Management Services — once you have an estimate a requisition is needed to generate a purchase order (if you use this service you do not need to get two estimates).  No sole source is needed for orders over $10,000.

Reimbursement for a move of multiple households for one faculty member must be approved by the Senior Associate Dean.

For a Domestic Move

–  For a Cornell-preferred vendor one written estimate is required.

–  For any other vendor they must obtain two written estimates, cover the initial cost of the move, and be reimbursed.

For an International Move

–  For a Cornell-preferred vendor two written estimates are required.

–  For any other vendor they must obtain three written estimates, cover the initial cost of the move, and be reimbursed.

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