October 22, 2013 Meeting

Michael Winters attended the Procurement Focus meeting and gave updates/changes on e-SHOP.  They are listed below.

-Shopper Role:  This is a new role that has been created to allow individuals with a net id to go on e-shop.  They can browse and create a cart, but they cannot submit one.  They can only assign the cart to someone else to complete.

-e-SHOP Plus User role: This is a new role that grants permission to initiate, edit and accept assignment of carts in e-SHOP up to $1,500 (raising the limit from $500 to $1,500).  These do not route to the BSC but route directly to the supplier after the eShop Plus user submits the order.  If you would like to request this role, please send a request to Lesley Thompson at or Diane West at

-Arrangement of Suppliers on e-SHOP:  The Suppliers on e-SHOP have been rearranged by the most frequent transactions.

-KFS Favorites:  This is a new feature that will allow you to store “favorite” account codes in KFS which will eliminate searching and hand keying of frequently used accounts.  Instructions on how to do this can be found here: Favorites

-Fast Tracks: This is a new tab that you will see soon next to the home/shop tab on the e-SHOP main page.  Procurement Services is renaming this tab, currently it is labeled as favorites.   You can use fast tracks to store items that are ordered on a regular basis for easy access in the future.  Here are the instructions: Fast Tracks

-Potential Issues with Firefox 23 and Google Chrome:  If your Firefox browser has been upgraded to version 23, you may encounter issues accessing e-SHOP through KFS.  If you log in to e-SHOP and see the Kauli logo and tabs with a blank screen, please follow these instructions Browser Issues on how to modify your browser settings.  If after these modifications, you are still unable to access e-SHOP, please contact your desktop support person for assistance.