BSC Super PCard for purchases over $500.  Please use the ‘I Want edoc’ or the Super PCard request form SUPER PCARD REQUEST March2013 and fax it to the BSC at 255-5633.  Ryan is the primary contact for these requests.  Lesley is back-up.  If you choose to e-mail it to Ryan (rls55) please remember that she works part-time (M-F 9:30am – 2:30pm).


Inn at Gothic Eves is a local hotel, why did it require a purchase order, but William Henry Miller Inn, who is also a local hotel, did not?   Even though local hotels can be paid with a Super Pcard, their insurance still needs to be on file.  The University did not have insurance on file for Inn at Gothic Eves, but does have insurance on file for William Henry Miller Inn.

The ability to use the BSC pcard to pay for group or visitor travel is based on:

  1. No contract to sign or catering
  2. Valid insurance on file
  3. Major Hotel chain (Marriott, Hyatt, Hilton, Ramada, etc) (insurance on file is not required for hotel stays in major hotels)
  4. Domestic hotel with insurance on file

Room Deposit for conference/workshop/event (not lodging).  If only room rental and the total rental does not exceed $500 then a department Pcard can be used.  If the total rental exceeds $500 then a FTC/BSC procurement card or purchase order must be used.  With any amount if there is catering with the same vendor then a FTC/BSC Pcard or purchase order must be used.


 Section 301 of the buying manual:

 A cardholder must never “split” the cost of one single item (whether good or service) into multiple payments in order to circumvent the per transaction limit on the pcard.

So a split transaction is ONE item over $500 that is split into multiple purchases.  A user can purchase 4 chairs that cost $250 each as 2 orders of $500.

Procurement Card Prohibited Transactions (September 2014): ProhibitedTransactions .

Procurement Card Application: Please contact either Lesley Thompson (lda22) or Diane West (dw68) to obtain an application.