Object Codes / Payment Reason Codes

Unallowable object codes not allowed on Sponsored Project Accounts.  OMB_A-21

Transfer Code Clarification We have been asked to clarify the transfer codes usage.  Note: a GNAPPROP is the same fund group as a GNDEPT.  The GN indicates the Fund Group.  We will provide more detailed descriptions, instructions, and examples at a later date, however, for your immediate budgeting needs, here are the “cliff notes:”

The following transfer codes that should be used as pairs:

Object 7050/8050 – use for transfers to/from Weill Cornell Medical College

Object 7070/8070 – use for transfers within a college/division when the fund groups are the same (most commonly used between accounts with subfunds in the GN fund group)

Object 7075/8075 – use for transfers between colleges/divisions when the fund groups are the same

The rest of the transfers codes are used when transferring between fund group (even within the same college), and are NOT used as specific pairings – which code you used is based on where the funds are coming from and going to.  This allows you to quickly understand, when you look at the account activity, where you either received the funds from, or sent the funds to.  For example:

  1. If you want to transfer surplus funds from a department account into an FFE:

–          In the FFE, use 7000 (Transfer In – from Current Operating), and

–          In the department account, use 8030 (Transfer Out – to FFE).

  1. If you have been “saving” funds in a renewal & replacement reserve account.  You are now ready to make the purchase and want to transfer the funds to your operating account:

–          In the department account, use 7040 (Transfer In – from Plant Reserves), and

–          In the reserve account, use 8000 (Transfer Out – to Current Operating).

Conference & Seminars Object Code Guidelines:

For employees attending conferences/workshops/seminars/etc.:  Where payment is made to a Cornell account (excluding EO’s) – use 6356-Interdept – Training Program Fees.  Where payments are made outside of Cornell – use 6355-Employee Training & Registration Fees

For expenses related to hosting a conference/workshop/event/etc.:  Interdepartmental expenses – use 6386-Interdept -Hosted Events, Conf & Seminar.  External expenses – use 6385-Hosted Events, Conferences and Seminars

Note: Travel expenses related to an off campus hosted event should be charged to the travel object code not Hosted events.

Payment Reason Code to Object Code Chart  BSC Table DV Payment Reason vs Object Code  Central Table: Central dvpayment-reason-object

Awards   Non Student 6367
Awards   Graduate 8150
Awards   Undergraduate 8250
Advances 1400
Prepaid   Travel (Faculty, Staff, and Students) 1620
Capitalized   Computer Equipment 3650
Capital   Equipment Moveable 3630
Interdept   Revenue Misc. 4020
Cost of   Sales – Other 6010
Communication   – Postage 6100
Communication   – Shipping 6105
Fees –   vehicles 6150
Memberships 6160
Fees   and Licenses 6190
Fees –   Human Participant 6200
Meals,   Meal Tickets, Non-travel business 6260
Fabricated   Equip Components 6290
Employee   Recruitment 6340
Relocation   Moving 6345
Employee   training & registration fees (outside of Cornell) 6355
Interdept   – training program fees for employees (Cornell account excl. EO’s) 6356
Other   General Expense 6360
Hosted   Events, Conferences and Seminars (Outside of Cornell) 6385
Interdept-Hosted   Events, Conferences and Seminars (Cornell account excl. EO’s) 6386
Gifts-Donation   from Cornell 6390
Federal   Unallowable-Public Relation 6420
Federal   Unallowable-Food and Beverage 6425
Federal   Unallowable-Misc. 6430
Maintenance   Prevention – Equipment 6475
Maintenance   Planned – Equipment 6485
Supplies   – Classroom 6500
Supplies   Lab/Project 6540
Supplies   Office 6550
Supplies   – Durable Non-Computer 6560
Supplies   – Non-Capital Equipment Computer 6580
Federal   Unallowable – Supplies 6590
Services   – Computer 6600
Services   – Independent Contractor 6620
Royalty   Fees 6623
Interdept.   Room & Space Rental 6631
Services   – Copy/Print/Publication 6640
Services   – Interdept. Fed. Unallowable 6662
Services   – Honorarium 6730
Services   – Speaker Fees 6731
Services   – Federal Unallowable 6740
Travel   – Domestic 6750
Travel   – Domestic Non Employee 6751
Travel   – Foreign 6760
Travel   – Foreign Non Employee 6761
Travel   – Federal Unallowable (Alcohol, Gratuity) 6780
Travel   – Federal Unallowable (Alcohol, Gratuity) Non-employee
Utilities   – Natural Gas 6855
Utilities   – Electrical 6875
Transfer   from Current Operating Different Fund Group 7000
Transfer   from Intrafund Within College same Fund Group 7070
Transfer   from Intrafund Between Colleges same Fund Group 7075
Transfer   to Current Operating Different Fund Group 8000
Transfer   to Intrafund Within College same Fund Group 8070
Transfer   to Intrafund Between Colleges same Fund Group 8075
Prizes   – Graduate 8150
Prizes   – Undergraduate 8250
Subsistence   – Postdoctoral Fellowship Stipends 9090
Subsistence-Intern 9092
Subsistence-Program   Participant 9094
Subsistence   Allowance-Academic Visit 9095