ImageNow-University Procurement Card Receipt Submission System

  • In the new system, you receive an email notification from each time a charge to your PCard is received by Cornell. You will then submit an electronic version of the receipt, the complete business purpose, and account number(s) or description via email or online.
  • If you have PCard transactions pending, you may receive your first email as early as <day> night. Otherwise, you’ll receive an email the next time you use your PCard. (The email will be sent to you after the vendor submits the charge to the bank and the bank file is received by Cornell, which may be a few days after you use your PCard.)
  • Complete PCard submissions according to the directions in the email you’ll receive.
  • Retain your original receipts (print or electronic) in your office; destroy them in 60 days.
  • Important! Direct all your questions and feedback to your FTC/BSC project team member (Jolene Layton, College of Arts and Sciences.


  • The link to the tutorial for the new Pcard ImageNow receipt system can be found here

Once in Box please click on ImageNow Cardholder tutorial.pdf