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ACH Authorization Form cu-pay-achauth

Amendment to Independent Consultant Agreement consultant-amendment

Caterer Contract Form caterer-contract

Computers – Exception Ordering Form for Computers Link.  Exception form  Dell is Cornell’s preferred supplier of Windows-based desktop and laptop computers and the primary source for four basic configuration options, which are available at the discounted prices only through e-SHOP.

If one of Dell’s four available configurations does not meet your needs, custom configurations can be ordered by completing an Exception Ordering survey, which will be routed automatically to IT as part of the ordering process. The information you provide in the survey will assist with determining the appropriate future bundle configurations for the campus.

Contracts for Services – Engaging Independent Contractors and Consultants Consulting forms  Before engaging a service provider, you must evaluate whether the individual or entity providing the service should be classified as an employee or an independent contractor (vendor), based upon IRS guidelines. The evaluation and classification must be performed before engaging an individual or entity to perform services, and before any services begin. Attach the contract and any supporting documentation (e.g., service provider questionnaire and evaluation worksheet, scope of work, single/sole source justification form) to the requisition or I Want doc PRIOR to the start of service.

Cornell Logo Form Use of Cornell-Logo

Domestic Wire Transfer Form Domestic wire transfer form

Event Management Addendum Event Management Addendum

Event Management Checklist Event Management Checklist

Event Planning Best Practices Event Planning Best Practices

Exception Ordering Form for Computers Link  This form now requests that you select your appropriate college and your IT Services Director, yours truly (Frank  Strickland).  If the system works as it should I will receive an email notifying me of your exception request.  If you have questions on the Windows laptop/desktop exception process please visit:

Foreign Flag Carrier Approval Form “FLY AMERICA ACT AND OPEN SKIES AGREEMENT” Foreign Flag Carrier Form   Fly America Act and Open Skies Agreements

Foreign National Questionnaire:

Foreign Wire Transfer Form Foreign Wire Transfer Form

Gift Card Reporting GiftCard

Gift Cards and Certificates Cornell University Division of Financial Affairs

Gift Information Form (to accompany checks sent to Cornell University, PO Box 37334, Boone, IA 50037-0334) StandardGiftInformationForm7 30 15

Incoming Wire Transfer Form IncomingWireForm

Independent Consultant Agreement Form ; Amendment to Independent Consultant Agreement consultant-agreement

Inventory Account – Department Inventory Accounting Guidelines for receiving revenue for selling products to customers. InventoryGuidelines

I Want to Pay document (draft) IWanttoPay

Managing Restricted Accounts

New Vendor Form NewVendor– submit by fax or dropbox to your BSC representative. Updated 2/3/2015.

Performer Without Equipment Contract Performer Without Equipment Contract fillable

Mobile Communication Devices (Policy 3.24) The university will accommodate those full and part-time employees with valid business needs for mobile communication devices by issuing university-owned mobile communication devices. A university device must be authorized by a dean or vice president, and must be purchased and serviced under the university’s corporate account program managed by Cornell Procurement Services. Personal devices used for business will not be subsidized by the university.

Wireless Business Group’s Cornell Cellular Account Guidelines and the Cellular Request Form:

Professional Services Agreement Professional Service Agreement

RUSS (Request for Undergraduate Student Support – Educational/Travel Expense Reimbursement)  Request Form: RUSS Form and Instructions 2017.pdf 81417-2cmni3f

Sales Tax Exempt Form Sales Tax Exept Form

Service Provider Evaluation Worksheet SvcProvEvalWksht

Service Provider Questionnaire Form SvcProvQuest-1

Sole Source Justification Form source-justification

Super Pcard Request Form SUPER PCARD REQUEST March2013 primary contact Ryan Heichel, rls55; backup Phani Love, pi25.

Travel Reimbursement Request Form  cu_pay_travelreimbursmt

Travel Advance Form Travel Advance Form

US Bank Dispute Form ChargeDisputeUSBank

NOTE:  As of July 2015 — using the Automated Vendor Form process is required.  Departments do not collect W-9’s.  Provide the email address and the mailing address to your BSC representative who will initiate the process for the vendor to sign up electronically.  This does not apply to foreign vendors. vendor-form-instructions

W-9 Form:

W-8 Forms:

W-8 BEN Form (for Foreign Individuals).  If you have any additional information provided by the individual please include it. Submit by fax or dropbox to your BSC representative.

W-8BEN-E Form (for Foreign Vendors) – Submit by fax or dropbox to your BSC representative.

Effective January 1, 2015, new IRS rules (FATCA) become effective that will impact the way we set up foreign vendors.  Going forward, FTC/BSC staff that are submitting requests for either foreign DV or PO vendors MUST submit the correct W-8 series form and version of such form as outlined below.  If the appropriate form is not submitted, the vendor cannot be entered into the KFS vendor database and receive payment.  Form assistance from the Tax Office W-8BEN-E (12/19/2014 email from Bill Allen).

IRS Link:

W-8BEN (February 2014) form from a foreign individual

W-8BEN-E (February 2014) form from a foreign business entity (other than a pass-through entity, partnership, or trust)

W-8BEN-E (February 2014) or W-8EXP (Rev. April 2014) form from a foreign nonprofit or foreign government

W-8IMY (Rev. April 2014) for a foreign partnership,pass-through entity, intermediary, or trust.

Wegmans Card Sign Out Sheet Wegmans Card Sign Out Sheet

Wegmans Credit Application form: Application Form

Wegmans Purchase form Wegmans Purchase Form

Unallowable Alcohol Calculator Form-enter meal, alcohol, tax, tip–sheet provides unallowable amount.Unallowable-Alcohol-Tip-Calculator


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