Recirculating Aquaculture, 4th Edition, By M.B. Timmons, T. Guerdat, and B.J. Vinci.

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This 700 page book is now in its 4th edition and comprehensively covers the basics of the design and engineering of intensive recirculating aquaculture systems, including basic overall systems engineering, tank culture design, solids removal and waste management, biofiltration, aeration/oxygenation, and disinfection using UV or ozone. In addition, over all system monitoring and control, the design of the building envelope and system management are thoroughly reviewed. In addition, both basic fish health management and biosecurity issues, as well as, the nutritional requirements for intensive systems are covered. Several system design software programs are available on this website along with additional software programs, e.g., pH, alkalinity, carbon dioxide spreadsheets for fresh or saltwater. We continually update the Book with each new printing to maintain its relevance.


About the Authors

Recirculating Aquaculture has had contributions from numerous educators, commercial growers, extension specialists and researchers who are well known in the aquaculture community and combined together have over 150 years of experience in aquacultural engineering and are or have been prominent members of the Aquacultural Engineering Society. This book has been used as the primary resource for the Cornell University Short course started in 1994 and an undergraduate course on recirculating aquaculture principles in 1985. Of special interest is a chapter on aquaponics written by Dr. James Ebeling, M.B. Timmons, and Dr. James Rakocy from the University of the Virgin Islands.  Numerous design examples are included in most chapters.


Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Introduction to Recirculating Aquaculture Technology; Chapter 2: Water Quality; Chapter 3: Mass Balances, Loading Rates and Fish Growth; Chapter 4: Culture Units; Chapter 5: Solids Capture; Chapter 6: Waste Management & Disposal; Chapter 7: Biofiltration; Chapter 8: Biofilter Design; Chapter 9: Denitrification;Chapter 10: Gas Transfer; Chapter 11: Ozonation and UV-Irradiation; Chapter 12: Fluid Mechanics and Pumps; Chapter 13: System Monitoring and Control; Chapter 14: Building Environmental Control; Chapter 15: System Management and Operations; Chapter 16: Fish Health Management; Chapter 17: Economic Realities and Management Issues; Chapter 18: Fish Nutrition and Feeds; Chapter 19: Aquaponics: Integrating Fish and Plant Culture.

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